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As followers of Jesus we believe that God is interested in the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The Church is not a building - it's a community of people on a journey together. Service is at the heart of everything the church does and this is made available to the community in which the church is located regardless of religious affiliation. The construction of a physical church building helps to make that process of serving so much more effective.


A church building functions in several ways, apart from the obvious meeting place for church services:

  • A centre where people of any religion or belief can meet together, helping to build community.

  • A classroom where people can be taught basic literacy and numeracy skills

  • A Health facility where local clinicians, doctors and nurses along with health project workers, can hold educational sessions with the local people passing on important advice on management and prevention of diseases.

Aid to Burkina has helped to build 4 churches so far; the first  two were in Yabasso, a village Northwest of Bobo-Dioulasso . Then we built churches at Guinkere and Dorisiamasso where we also dug wells to help supply the village with water. All four church buildings are extensively used for the benefit of all of the members of the wider community in the village.




In 2021 we joined with other interested parties based in the UK to work as "The Leegere Partnership" to help build a church, a house for the church leader and a toilet for the village of Ouere in South West Burkina Faso at the request of villagers. "Leegere"is a word used at Harvest time when a farmer has a crop ready to harvest but cannot manage to do this alone. When he shouts out "leegere" any others in ear shot go immediately to help because they know when it is there turn to mneed help the same rules will apply.


Aid to Burkina is proud to be able to work alongside Wellspring Church, Tunbridge Wells Christian Fellowship and Harbour Church as part of this Leegere project for 2021. 


Church leadership and training within Burkina Faso is supervised by the Assembly of God, Burkina Faso, a worldwide mainstream Christian denomination. You can find out more about the work of the Assemblies of God in Burkina Faso here or on the national Facebook page here.



In 2019 terrorist activity resulted in the displacement of huge numbers of people from the northern area of Burkina Faso. Villages were invaded by gangs who had a political and religious agenda and many people lost their lives as the villages were destroyed.

Aid to Burkina were asked to help resource the feeding project that had to be hastily set up to cater for families that were now hungry and homeless.

Thanks to donations from our supporters we were able to send over £8000 to help feed these refugees. A detailed list of those families we were able to help was sent to us, photographs of the food that was purchased and a letter of thanks from those who were administering the relief locally.

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